Formally established in 1997, Sxun Corportaion is a famed enterprise in the spray-painting industry,integrating research & devel I opment,production and sales,Over the years, the company has accumulated rich experiences from applications and practice in such fields as CAD,graphic and image processing,etc.It has also construted a team of talented employees specializing in sales, technical support and after-sale services so as to design solutions to multiple types of indoor and outdoor outputs of big breadths as required by its widespread customers.Furthermore,the company also provides a wide variety of inks,fittings and consumbles for use with various types of sparay-painting equipment.

By means of the orerall advantage residing in its unparalleled product quality and first-class professional services,the company sells its products to various provinces,cities and autonomous regions across the country,with some of the products having set foot on the international market successfully.The company's products have won great appreciation and approval from widespread customers.

"Learn Constantly, Be Diligent, Be Realistic, Remain Innovative" that is just the corporate spirit of Sxun Corporation,which spurs the company on to making continuous, sing-minded efforts in its development,progress and innovation so as to provide customers with products of th finest quality and the most professional services.