Heat Jointer

Technical parameter form:

The product was designed directed against the plan seaming of such daub stratum membrane material that can be hotly melted as PVC,PE As the printed picture’s space exceeds the printer’s margin, it needs to print separately and then do heat jointing ,and do treatment for the reinforcement of the brim of the printing pictures, removing the extra at the edge, and tugging the rope , etc, traditionally using 502 or inductive glues , this has many disadvantages, it indicate as following: the toxic material go into the air during the instant solidification, by respiration it enter the human body and make some damage.

It has the feature of slow sticking and connecting , usually special treatment is required, like polishing the surface, so it can get good intensity, thus it will affect the work efficiency.. per square printing only need 0.5 RMB ‘s ink expense.Printheads cost is low using Japanese super long lifetime , high resolution print heads , it can be garuanteed for using 2 years. Uniform equipment, easier management , high resolution and speed, ensured quality, print heads and inks , cost expert.

It easily produce bubble and ripples, dirty the picture. Not balanced and not stable, easy to be affected by the air temperature, in low temperature the glue effect is not good, and hard to master , operation is also complex , wasting the work time, it need a large plot of work spot.
Using the non-glue advertise spray paint cloth seaming machine( heat jointer),it can solve above problems nicely, no need to use glue solvent.

But also saving the work, time , and work spot. No matter which kind of cloth, lamp box cloth, yoke net sail cloth, etc, no more confined to the length of high cycle wave machine, it can work as long as a plot of flat , heat-resistant table surface or ground , for example, one person can work on a rift of 200 meter length inside a space of 50 square metre.

The product “non-glue spray paint heat jointer”based on hot wind melting and connecting skill, applying the principle of automatic walking by heat jointing ,through big amount of practice and constantly improve, the assembly of the machine used high torque motor, exquisite speed decelerator ,super heat resistant rubber rolling pressing wheel,refined processed aluminum alloy material, high property hot wind machine, high key part all apply double times reinforcement treatment , so it is firm and durable, so the structure is simple, the structure used module accessory, it is handy to be maintained .

The machine is a small volume, light, and flexible, only weight 10 kg, it has adjustable auto walking connecting speed and temperature monitor, the operation is simple, no need technical guidance ,and any glue solvent, it only depends on the man’s operation skill and flexibility, each time it is demonstrated , it will attract a lot of experts’ interests. Any wise man will use it , it will have a good prosperity.

Technical specification:

1. AC power 220V ,50 Hz.
2. the maximum power , watt, average 800 watt.
3. adjustable work temperature 50-600 C.
4. adjustable auto walking heating connection speed 0.8-1.5 metre per minutes.
5. whole weight : 10 kg.6. volume : 40x30x28 cm.