Leopard L Model


Konica nozzle

Completely closed pairs into the ink tube (both air emissions of Mexico Road, and also to give nozzles for the ink for the ink to enhance balance), double dislocation ordered pore structure makes jet nozzle long life, high precision, easy to plug and off ink and so on.


PALL Filter

The same machine use and Wit PALL filter, improve filtering accuracy, better protection of nozzles from damage, to further promote the nozzle life.


Servo Motor

Servo motor using a unique algorithm to increase two times the speed of the frequency response in order to achieve high-speed positioning to further enhance the strength and precision of inkjet machine system.


PITTMAN Servo Motor

Original PITTMAN servo motor used by the U.S. to raise the overall accuracy of the machine is running, stitching easier.


Ink System

Advanced siphon ink supply system to ensure rapid printing ink balance.


Linear Guide

Nozzle when the car in motion is more stable, jitter reduced to a minimum, while enhancing the accuracy of the machine print.