Liyu PM Series


1. PM series machine introduction
The PM series melting agent type sprays to draw the machine is in drawing to take the profession type PH series to spray to draw with the upscale type PG series melting agent type successful empirical foundation in machine, melteding into the precious opinion of numerous customers again now technology chemical element but research to manufacture of a movement stability, function is superior, the convenient new generation of usage advertises the equipments.

2. Expatiate in a specific way the series of PM spray to draw the machine function characteristics
The adoption XAAR128PLUS( strengthen the type) sprays head. t is the company of XAAR to release this year a new spraying a, the XAAR128PLUS sprays the head is having the common XAAR128 sprays the usage stability of the head at the same time, spray a light the fire frequency ratio commonness 128 spray the head increases 30%, the inky a size can let up 10 pls, from but realizes to print the speed sooner with the more fine and delicate portrait performance dint;( detailed see the bottom form)Its adoptive and latest spray the mouth surface wet draw the technique can protect to spray an effectively, prolongs to spray the service life of the head, further satisfy the customer the cost economy turns the need.

3. Auto move the take out wash the system
Convenient efficiently of the take out washes the system, since can according to spray the head circulates the appearance sets up the auto take out at any time with absorb the frequency, can use to move again the cleaning key realizes point, strong dint take out with absorb the function, dual spray the head defends to block up to guarantee, realizing perfect result.

4. Place outside the big capacity accept/ the row discards the inky device
The big capacity that humanization design accepts/ the row discards the ink device, can collect expediently the big capacity discard the ink from but prevents to erode effectively vacuum, apt to at the same time exhaust, handles.

5. Cave slot type inkpad construction, in keeping with mesh cloth etc. is more to lie the quality, rounding up all at one fell swoop, high quantity, let you having no to worry.

6. Super-speed stable the card of PCI, needs a little bit light rat marks, having to print the operation the relaxed fixing;You can also use 8 fast keys of the front-panel at the same time, everything makes because you need.

7. Don't need to dismantle to unload to spray the head wash the system
Patent technique that LIYU possess singly, needs to screw on the screw lightly, can be then relaxed to wash to spray a, avoid spraying at the same time the head suffer the dint directly, from but the valid protection sprays head.

8. Heat to dry the system in front and back
Realize before printing to lie the quality to dries the heating after preparing the heating with print, can make ink with lie the quality the fleetness to dissolve mutually, not only increases the outdoor and enduring of the appearance, but also increases consumedly the picture prints the result.At the same time, pass the simple convenient temperature control instrument, you can regulate the heating temperature with weather arbitrarily according to the different region.

9. The vice-ink a liquid monitors with report to the police the system
Proceed to the liquid the solid hour lack the ink responds, making you dismissing cares at home, defend to get in not yet.

10. Put the cloth system automatically
Special three stalks unites to launch to announce the system, can not only then the convenience drives the big weight, high glue a degree a type lies the quality, realizing the real no man watch the auto puts the cloth function, canning also avoid effectively maying appear in sent cloth process of print the length deviation and run to be partial to the problem, make you canning be obvious in the aspects of big diagram putting together to connect to spray to draw beyond the reach of.

11. The closeness dust palliative defends to block up the organization
Patent technique that the company of liyu possess singly, can realize than long hours idle print the appearance bottom(5 hours including) to spray a head protecting effectively wet, defend to block up, and closeness dust palliative, prolongs to spray consumedly a work life span, dismiss the repetition packs to spray the car of trivial work, save time labor-saving.

12. Chose to use servo electrical engineering in high accuracy in PITTMAN in the United States and big flux,5 um in POLL in England filters with meticulous care, valid assurance print the speed with the accuracy, protected to spray head.

13. Spray head support auto manifestation ink-jet establish, defend to block up to spray in many ways and effectively head

14. The customer can also choose the equipment to accept automatically according to the different demand the cloth system moderate breezes fucks the system.

15. "The technology is first, service is customer that the company of liyu benefits that this", serve the customer honestly and put the customer always is the service that the service aim obeys from beginning to end in the first, insuring each a liyu equipments can enjoy the superior quality, is our the person of liyu to do not stop the struggling target efficiently.