Liyu PG Series

Product Introduction:
LiYu brand PG series solvent type spray paint printer was developed and designed by the company independently, it has formed 1.8 meter, 2.5 meter,3.2 meter, such sizes of print heads, eight print heads and twelve print heads spray paint printer, this series of products used original imported XAAR piezo electric print heads, more durable, high property ‘s main control board controls its running, strong function, reliable property, it is convenient to use inserting type of software to read , write and upgrade program modification, the print heads applied exclusive block avoiding and keeping technology , it made the clearing up , cleaning, maintenance of the printheads more simple and easier, this series of products used more smoothly outlook, many exquisite designs, like reinforced double pressure wheel, big axle cloth feeding organs and unique cloth scratching organs, it made your work more relaxing and pleasant .